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I must say that for bad or good I am always much more inspired at night! I had my best ideas at night that is why I always have a notebook or my iphone close to me because it won't be the first time I wake up at 2am with a brilliant idea and If I do not write it properly at that moment next morning is half gone.

Another thing that use to happens to me is to get inspired in english....it is not my native language. I am spanish, I live in Portugal, I speak catalan and german so I do not know the matter why. I even make many mistakes but...who cares!! The matter is to get inspired!! Am I wrong...?! ;)

Well the reason why I am writing this right now is because as you know I am a very active person, I love my job and have never enough!! And I always thought that if you really believe in your ideas no matter how big they are YOU can make them happen.

We (Gema, Just Working and IT SHOES) are organising this big event (BLOGS IN THE CITY) in a couple of months (22, 23 and 24th of November 2013 in Porto). We are doing it so right!! We got the best spot, we are getting the most interesting and smart speakers and the coolest and amazing bloggers to help us and to give us all the advise and knowledge we can get in 48 hours!! It is not being easy but I am so proud of the three of us. Three small and amazing companies (well Gema isn't small anymore but at least started small) making happen THE BIG event that we know now for sure it will not be the last!! And the most important thing is that our partners also believe that we can only learn and get bigger from each other: online brands, bloggers, entrepreneurs, small companies, big ones, press, followers, dreamers, hard workers... all together can make very big things happen.

IT SHOES would have never happened if I hadn't my little blog and if my earlier followers and blogger friends believed in me. I still remember who were the bloggers who helped me to sell my first shoes in the stairs of "El Museo del Traje" on the first fashion blog edition organised in Madrid. I am deeply grateful for all that support. I could even say now that IT SHOES is much bigger than my blog and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with so much work and thought many times to close it because I know there are many better than mine...but after the storm I think WHY? If it inspires just somebody to make her dream happen then all my work is worth it!!!

I won't say it has been easy but I guess I always found people on the way that believed in me and that doesn't mean I found many doors shutted on my face from people I thought they were gonna be waiting for me with the door open...and just after watching that my idea had sense and it worked they came to hug me.... Too late my friend...

So all I am asking is be aware, give a chance and never be afraid of your dreams!! If somebody say No doesn't mean it will not work, you just need to dig deeper. Get up, smile and learn!!

Do not judge any ideas from where they come from just listen to them properly and if you get the spark of the speaker give her a chance... It might surprise you!! If it works and you supported her from the beginning do not forget they will remember...

Thank you girls for being here and thank you for all your support!!

Here are some of my favourite sentences...some people may call it "philosophy".

The only thing that matters is that kicks you up and inspire you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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Mar.Bcn dijo...

Isis! Me he emocionado! Suuper buen post! Eres grande y por eso haces y vas a seguir haciendo cosas grandes! Te seguiremos apoyando desde el blog o desde donde haga falta! 😉 love you!

Spica Chic dijo...

Great post! Por algo el primer post que visito es el tuyo y por algo, cuando estoy un poco baja me doy un "paseo" por tus posts, porque transmites todo eso que escribes hoy. Eres grande porque piensas a lo grande; nada te asusta y vas a por todas. Muuucho que aprender de ti!. Besos y buen fin de semana!

Mª José S. S. dijo...

Q mierda q no esté en español no me he enterado de todo

Rocio Qr dijo...

Hola Isis!! soy de las que tuve la suerte de descubrir tu blog hace ya tiempo, de poder compartir contigo el nacimiento de it shoes y ver como has ido evolucionando, te seguiremos apoyando donde sea porque merece la pena.
Un besito!!

La Traficante de Zapatos dijo...

Muchísimas gracias!! 😊

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