jueves, 31 de julio de 2014


If there's a time that comes around with big changes...I can say it is now.

My two beatiuful babies (aged 3 years and 4 months).
New continent.
New house.
New friends.
New market.
New office.

Same fabulous husband, same wonderful job and same joy and nerves of starting something from 0.

Now that all this facts come closer I ask my self: Is it what we really want? Will we be all happy?

I do not know how things will work but what I am sure is that we will give it a try!! A big enthusiastic try!!

If you really think about it the worst thing that could happen is that we are not happy and come back...and the best? You never know but I can tell you I have big expectations!;)

Even I will be far away you know where to find me!;) But do not worry we will still be around for 3 more weeks!!

Wish me good luck girls!

4 comentarios:

anbetisa dijo...

Tutto il meglio per voi cara!! Lo meriti tutto, e vedrai che i bimbi subito si adattano!!! un forte abbraccio ed imbocca al lupo!!!!

Spica Chic dijo...

Good, good, very good luck! Sure everyting will go incredible! we'll miss you in Europe... Un besazo

Silvia Cava dijo...

Un vestido súper chulo me encanta. Yo también trabajo en un blog en la sección de moda y tenemos también vestidos súper chulos. ESTÁIS INVITADAS...

marbis dijo...

Estás guapísima!!espero que no te moleste que te lo diga pero estás mas guapa y delgada que nunca!!!!y eso después de haber sido mami hace tan poco!!!

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