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Last week I had the privileged of being interviewed by my dear friend and top blogger Fernanda Velez about my motherhood experience at her top blog Blog da Carlota, as it was in portuguese I got many petitions asking for translation. As it is quite long I just did it today in english. Next week I will do it in spanish. Hope you like it! You can check the original interview with all the pictures at her blog...(IT IS A MUST if you don't follow it yet!!). From here starts Fernanda interview:

Let me introduce you my good friend Isis. She’s 31, mother of two, full of style and with a third on the way! She’s Spanish, married to a Portuguese, and living at the time, in Miami. She’s the creator of the brands, It ShoesThe mommy company and last, but not least, the blog La traficante de zapatos! A true inspiration! She’s a force of nature, irradiating happiness and good energies! It’s impossible to be down next to her, but you will realize that by yourself throughout the interview.
This is an honest interview, and a direct one, were she tell us step by step how she organizes her thousands errands as a mother, a professional, woman and still has time to exercise! She speaks f her personal style, how she dresses her kids and shares unique advises and tips for mothers.
Since she is now living in Miami, I took advantage and asked her the places we should not miss if the dream of going there on vacation someday ever happens.

Name and age of the kids: 
Duarte - 3 years
Inés - 10 months
Pregnant of 4 months.

How was it when you discovered that you were pregnant of a third child? 
It was a big surprise!! We weren’t expecting it! My daughter only had 7 months! It was a mixture of surprise and happiness!  

Have you chosen the name? 
Since we don’t want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, we have a few thought already. If it’s a girl we really like Lola, Valentina or April. If it’s a boy I love Mateo, Lorenzo or Jacobo.

Did you have natural births or cesareans? 
I had two cesareans. I wished I had natural births, but Duarte’s had to be an emergency cesarean, since I was in labor for 10 hours. Duarte was in pain and I developed a fever, so I didn’t have an option. Now, I’m very thankful it was a cesarean because Duarte was born with 4,5 Kgs! Ines’ birth was scheduled because my placenta was aging. I believe the next one is going to be a cesarean too…

You are in excellent shape. What kind of precautions do you have?
I found a new Gym here in Miami, where there’s a class based on Pilates, called Lagre. It’s on machines and I love it!! I go 3 or 4 times a week around 8.30. 50 miracle minutes!

Can you tell us a good pregnancy product you really like? 
I wear a lot of oils and lotions that I mix. I did this in my other pregnancies and I don’t have a single stretchmark. Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, apricot oil… I mix them with fat lotions from the pharmacy.

What cares do you take on the post-partum? 
After the birth of my daughter, my mother gave me an amazing girdle, which you need to wear after an abdominoplasty. You can find them on orthopedists. I wore it day and night for a month and I lost my belly. Of course the flaccidity didn’t go away as quickly. Only after a lot of exercise and working out my abs, but the volume disappeared very quick.

How is the third pregnancy going? 
The days I like the most about my pregnancies are the days I found out and the days I have my babies! The in between I wish it could be shortened in half. I have a great friend that says that yes, the first pregnancy should take nine months so you can get mentally ready, the second one you already know how it’s going to be, so it should take six months, and the third only three!!

How would you name your personal style?
Between classic and Boho-Chic. In the summer I always wear dresses and sandals or booties, IT Shoes, of course!

Do you maintain your style during pregnancy? Which pieces, on your opinion, every pregnant woman should have in her closet?
During my first pregnancy, I started to create my first dresses, and since I had a lot of pregnant woman that liked them, I started to sell them online and I continue to do so. I believe they had such success because they flatter the pregnant figure and you can also wear them perfectly after birth.  First I sold them at IT Shoes, but now I created a new brand called The Mommy Company.
I think it’s of extreme importance that pregnant women fell confident and cute… Amidst feeling tired, your body changes, the hormones and feeling sick… It’s very important to look in the mirror and like what you see!
I recommend investing in a good pair of jeans (during Inés pregnancy in the winter, I discovered the jeans line for pregnant women from Zara. They are amazing!) and the rest of the looks, I bet in maxi dresses, or above the knee, that you can adjust bellow the chest, or in the waist, so you can give the body more shape. Blazers are also an excellent choice. But especially, never leave the house without a little bit of make up and a dash of a great lipstick.

How are you as a mother? Relaxed or concerned?
I’m very relaxed and practical. With Duarte I was very worried…But I always bring my babies along. Now, in Miami, it’s easier, thanks to the good weather I can travel by bike or with the double stroller. But always together!

How is your daily routine?
Normally, I wake up at 7 a.m. I prepare cereals and baby food, Duarte’s lunch to take to school, his backpack for the activities during the day, and I have my breakfast running (Greek yogurt with seeds and cereals and a tea or a ham sandwich with orange juice). I dress up sporty. I have a maid that takes care of Ines during mornings and she arrives around 8h. At 8h20 I leave the house with Duarte on the bike and fly off to school, I leave him at 8.25 and proceed to my nushape class at 8.35. Since I live on an island the distances are short. 
At 10h, I already took my shower and I’m dressed. Some days I work from the home office, others I go to my office. Until 15h, I work without pauses. Normally, I like to schedule lunch meetings so I can work while I eat at the same time. At 3 p.m I go get Ines and we go together pick up Duarte, and from there we go to swim class or other activity. At 6 p.m. it’s already dark, so we return home. Most times, Inés takes her bath with me and after that she has her dinner. Duarte takes his bath next and has dinner with us. At 7.30 Inés goes to sleep, but Duarte stays up a little bit longer, until 8.
Normally, I fall asleep in his bed, telling stories. But if I don’t, I take advantage to work, when I’m not really tired yet.

You manage two brands, a blog, and you an agenda full of trips, reunions, and events. How can you deal with 100 professional commitments, and soon all this will happen with three babies?
You can do everything with a little bit of planning.. even if, after a night without sleep I can’t produce miracles. Until 3 p.m I’m a working mommy (and I have to say that I have a super IT SHOES Team in Oporto, and without them it would be impossible). After 3, I convert in “soccer mom”. I go pick up Inés and Duarte and we just go… Now, I only go to events that deserve my 100% attention and that don’t complicate my life. The trips I continue to make them, but always with my little chickens!

How do you manage the role of mother and woman?
Once a week I go have dinner with my husband without kids…but of course that with little kids we are always making family plans.

How do you like to dress Duarte and Inés?
Duarte I prefer to dress very cool, with shorts and tees and sneakers. Gap kids, Zara kids, Victoria sneakers. Inés I choose to dress more classic. I love Laranjinha, Dot, Jacadi…here in Miami is very difficult to find classic toddler clothes, and so I always bring a bunch when I go to Portugal. 

What stroller did you get and why?
I bought a double one recently from Baby City Select because it has a thousand positions to take two babies, I can use it only for Duarte, and you can close it with one hand and it’s only one piece. So, although I really like Bugaboo, I found a replacer. With three small kids it’s very important that the stroller is, first of all, practical. I ordered some liners from Petite Mabelle that are to die for!

Tell me three things that you bought that you never use because you don’t actually need them?
Things that I bought and never used… many tubs of different shapes and colors…The one I used the most was the baby bath tub from IKEA. The bottle warmer was also a waste because it takes forever!!! I prefer an electric teapot or a thermos with room temperature water. Other thing that I don’t use is the Baby Cook! It’s easier and simpler to prepare them the old fashion way and them liquefy them!
Things very important: a portable diaper changer for our room, while the baby slept with us. Also, it’s important a comfortable chair to breastfeed and give bottles. I found the POANG chair, again, from IKEA!!
You also need a tall diaper changer, I have one from Jacadi, and after I bought a fitment from IKEA and then add a beautiful changing pad from The Mommy Company. It looks beautiful and it’s very useful.
Another thing I bought and use non-stop, it the BabyJorn. Super practical, if you don’t want to take the stroller with you! Lastly, a baby bag. I wanted on that was cute and with easy access. Since I didn’t found one, I made my own! I love it! The size is perfect; I can wear it on the shoulder or take it in hand, it’s open so I can reach everything and matches with everything! My favorite is the grey one with camel leather handles.

How did you decorate the kid’s room?
I did it myself. That’s why I created The Mommy Company. I’m very classical. First my two babies shared a room so I mixed blue and pink! But now, the third one is coming so I separate them. Blue for boy and pink for girl.  
Duarte is already three, so I mixed together some cartoons, dinosaurs and books on shelves, as well as toy cars to give a little color, but for me the room where you sleep has to have peace. You can see my kid’s room on the site The Mommy Company.

Tell me three values you consider fundamental to teach your kids:
Respect, responsibility and honor.

Would you like to have more kids?
I think I will stop at three… I always wanted a big family, and three is a good number!

How would you describe the city you are living in ?
The dream! I live in an island, Key Biscayne, in Miami. It’s small enough to travel around by bike, or golf cart (yes, people here travel by golf cart) or you can even walk everywhere, but it’s big enough so you don’t need to leave. It’s full of life, children with lots of parks, big and very beautiful. We have the beach, two minutes away from home, great restaurants, cute stores and an amazing supermarket!!

Your favorite place in Miami to:
Have a family lunch - Artisan, on a Spanish restaurant called KE Bo in Key Biscayne.
A baby friendly hotel - Hotel W
A romantic dinner - Zuma in Brickell.
A dinner with friends - Mr Chow, on Hotel W, it always surprises you
A night out dancing – Drinks in Juvia, or Sls, in Miami Beach.
Shopping for the baby:  The mall in Merrick Park (Miami) and of course

Favorite stores for women:
I’m a big fan of online shopping…but the mall in Merrick Park and The Falls I always find beautiful things!! I also like to shop in Lincon Road. But hotel boutiques in Miami Beach (as W or Delano) I found new brands and amazing and super cute things.

Other favorite restaurants:
Delano in Miami Beach, Zuma and Sea, Salt and Pepper in Brickell. 

Do you follow the Blog da Carlota? :)
My time is limited, I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, but Blog da Carlota I still do! It’s natural, and I always get good ideas and inspiration for everything, I love it all! I love Baby C looks, yours, I read the Mothers with Style interviews, so I can know how other mothers live and it’s very interesting to know how they deal! Your inspiration posts, are just that: inspiration!

Thank you Isis

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Anónimo dijo...

He ido al blog de Carlota a leer la entrevista, mi portugués es mejor que mi inglés y no quería perderme ni una palabra...Te mereces un aplauso, por mujer, por mamá...por transmitir esa alegría y porque me apetece dártelo. Un saludo.Carmen. PD- tienes unos hijos preciosos!!!

Sofia Serrano dijo...

Sou fã da Isis :) Adoro o blog e a marca! E adorei a entrevista, genuína! Parabéns :)

La Traficante de Zapatos dijo...

Gracias Carmen!! Como todas las mamis hago lo mejor k puedo!!;)
Un beso gordo para ti!!

Elena dijo...

¡¡¡Me ha encantado la entrevista!!! Preciosa...
Pensaba que tú eras portuguesa pero ya veo que no, que tú marido es el portugués(cualquiera diría que siguiéndote desde el principio no supiera esto;))
¡Los nombres seleccionados me encantan! De niña Lola y Valentina son de mis preferidííísimos.
Ya tienes cochecito gemelar, pero si como dices te gusta Bugaboo, otra opción sería el Bugaboo Donkey, una maravilla.
Para portear te gustará la Ergobaby porque la BabyJorn no es ergonómica.
Y ya no sé qué más decir ;)
Un beso y enhorabuena por el embarazo, por tus empresas y por esta pedazo de entrevista...

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