lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015


As you know I am a working mom of 3 kids under 4 so my time is really really really limited!!!
But I do exercise every single day, no matter what day of the week it is, no matter the weather, no matter the time!! It makes me feel much better!!

If I had a bad sleep (because of the baby) and woke up late and I am already late to work I try to do some activity that includes the kids in the afternoon because otherwise my chances to sweat get lower so here are my exercise proposals for you if you have no time and kids.

1. Power walking with stroller. Walk as far away and fast and as long as you can and make some leg exercise in the meantime. 

2. Swimming while my oldest son has swimming lessons. It's just 30min but I make 1000m and that's more than nothing. He gets very happy and motivate to see mommy swimming close to him and when his class is over we get shower together and get dressed fast to go to pick up the girls while somebody took care of them, it doesn't happens often so when I get somebody (nanny or daddy) to take care of them I get the chance as well to exercise.

3. Cycling: I bought a trolley that fits in my bike so I can take my two oldest son and daughter anywhere. I get them some snacks and they enjoy happily their ride and I do my exercise. (That is only possible when somebody takes care of my 4 monhts old baby).

4. Walking with the 3 in the stroller: As we live in an island distances aren't very far so from 15h when I leave home to pick up my oldest kids in school we go anywhere walking. I bought the City Select doble stroller and a platform so nobody except me gets tired and I can keep everybody under control. My son calls our multiple stroller: The Train. 

Shirt from Hm
Shorts from Target
Trainers from Nike

Stroller Bugaboo Camaleon (This is the one I drive when I am only with Valentina)

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