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Este post lo he escrito en inglés y como ha sido tan largo publico el lunes la versión española, ok?

Many of you have asked me how do it do it... I mean how can I be a present mother, working and keep my team motivate, take care of my husband, being a good friend and have a clean house.

I will do some posts about it because there are many important things I want to tell you about.

The most important thing for making everything work for me is having energy. I mean if I feel bad or tired nothing works and then I push on my surviving botton.

For making things work perfectly I need to have loads of energy and be inspired. So the question is:

How do I get energy and inspiration!?

Mom and the girls running to buy milk in their poppy pajamas!! Ups...
Girls: Carter's Pijamas
Stroller covers: Petite Mabelle 

As you already know I am a mommy of three kids: Duarte (4 years old), Inés (2 years old) and Valentina (10 months old) so my nights are never peaceful but if I get to sleep 5/6 hours in a row: That's BINGO!!

What I ALWAYS do, I mean no matter if I slept enough or not is EXERCISE!! I need it for my soul, for my head and my body. I go to my pilates no matter what... even if I feel like crap I go because afterwards I feel much better and I do it always in the mornings!!

Just if I had a "mayday" night I stay in bed for a bite longer...otherwise I am awake and ready to battle at 7/7:30am.

My Mornings: 
My hubby is the one he is in charge of the kids in the morning. As we live far away from our family I do have a babysitter who helps me with the kids so between her and my hubby they get the kids ready and he drops them off at school while my nanny stays at home with Valentina.

I just wake up, answer the most urgent mails, take my coffee and run to my pilates class.

My afternoons: 
After that until 2pm I am connected with my team in Porto. And at 2pm (except once a week that I go for lunch with my girlfriends...) I become a soccer mom. I pick up first Inés and afterwards Duarte. Usually I split with my nanny because they all have after school activities and I also need to go to the supermarket and cook. Usually mondays is my cooking day (I cook at least for 3 days) so my nanny goes with Ines to her activities and I keep with Valentina and Duarte. We go to the supermarket and then back home to cook. As Valentina is starting to crawl I just get her some toys or cooking gadgets and put her in the I cook and speak to her she crawls around and Duarte is playing around as well.

At 17:30 We are usually all back home and we start bath and dinner time so here I split again with my nanny. One gives baths and the other gives dinner. I usually bath them all 3 together. First out is Valentina and she is the first to have dinner (around 6:30). Then Ines comes out and the last one is Duarte. Some nights ago he started having dinner with us. Babies have dinner in the kitchen and mom, dad and Duarte have dinner in the dinning table. He knows he can only have dinner with us if he puts in practice his table manners.
At 20h we all had dinner.

Kids night schedule:
20h Inés is the first one to go to bed. Wash her teeth and drinks her milk bottle in bed. See you tomorrow Inés!
20:30h Valentina time!! I don't feed her a milk bottle until 23h/24h.
21h It's Duarte time!! I love you baby! See you tomorrow.

My nights:
Another thing to get my head clear are my Iphone notes. Every night I get my "to do list" for the next day and I write it down by priorities. I also write my priorities for my coworkers so they know if there is something urgent first thing in the morning.

I am very perfectionist with my job and I expect the same from my team but I also work very hard to get them inspired and motivated. If I am not motivated how can I expect my super IT Team to be motivated?

I am also a self learner and Pinterest is my hobby at nights...I do not watch tv but I pin...a LOT!! I pin to look for inspiration for my new collection, to improve my customer service, my packaging, my site, my blog, my dinner plan, my kids parties...everything!!!

When you read a long and inspiring post is because I wrote it at night but I must be careful otherwise I will go to sleep very late and next day I will feel like crap so my latest hour to go to sleep is midnight.

To be very organized is another tip I can give you to make things work properly. I mean by organized like:

I leave my house organized before going to sleep: Clean kitchen, organized playroom, school clothes ready, school bags ready, my sports clothes ready... That keeps my head clear and as I have so many things to think about it keeps things easier because I don't have to think much in the morning.

P.D. Sorry for the quality pics...they are from my iPhone! 

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Anónimo dijo...

por qué no escribes también en español, como siempre????

La Traficante de Zapatos dijo...

Porque era muy tarde y estaba cansada... :) pero el lunes lo haré en español!! Prometido!! ;)

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